Sustainable Brands
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Investing In Communities where socially responsible consumers and professionals meet to make their real estate deals make a difference. 

We empower individuals and businesses to fund their favorite nonprofits for free through brokered real estate transactions.

We've generated over $130,000 for nonprofits, including $42,000 given away in a random drawing.

How does IIC work? 


  1. Evan needs real estate services & cares about nonprofits.
    Anyone can use IIC – individuals, businesses, or organizations – for any commercial or residential real estate   transaction.
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  2. Evan uses IIC Online to find Kim, a real estate professional that supports nonprofits & pledges 10% of this commission to the nonprofit Evan selects. 
    Evan could also invite his preferred professional to join IIC. IIC is a fantastic tool for professionals!
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  3. When the transaction is complete, Kim is paid the commission & then sends in the IIC pledge.
    The IIC distribution process is simple and transparent.
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  4. IIC then distributes the funds to the nonprofit selected by Evan, & it doesn’t cost Evan a dime!

    IIC benefits nonprofits in many ways, including free funding from the real estate transactions of their supporters. Learn more…


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