Investing In Communities®, the first and only nonprofit real estate referral service, uses an objective vetting process to give home buyers and sellers their choice of specifically qualified brokers and enables them to direct most of the referral fee to the charity of their choice – at no cost to the buyer or seller. IIC can also be used with a broker that you are already considering.

When consumers use Investing In Communities® to select their real estate broker, Investing In Communities® receives the referral fee, passes 60% of it to the individual’s favorite charity and 20% to the charity that told them about IIC. For example, on a $300,000 home sale, in most cases a minimum of $1,500 would be shared proportionally between the two charities. Approximately 6% of households buy or sell a home in any given year. What is 6% of your supporter base?

An individual can select any of IIC’s eligible charities to benefit from their transaction. However, the best way to get chosen is to tell your supporters about Investing In Communities®. We can help you put an IIC button on your website, share IIC on facebook and in your newsletter.

Let’s get started!

  • Charity Information

  • In order for IIC to properly publicize your organization each time it receives IIC funding, please tell us what the typical or average unit of your mission costs you to provide.
  • Charity Contact

  • Please enter the contact information for the individual who will be working directly with IIC
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  • Additional Information

    To receive funding, IIC Nonprofit Members agree to: Have $50 deducted from their first IIC distribution each calendar year; Advise IIC of any change in nonprofit status, Place the IIC logo and link on their websites, Allow IIC to publish certain information at the IIC website, Keep contact information provided to IIC current. Applicant is also "opting in" to receive occasional updates and announcements from IIC. IIC does not share information with third parties.