…each time your supporters buy or sell a home.

Investing In Communities® is the only nonprofit real estate referral service that turns home sales and purchases into a free and replenishing funding source for Charity.  Here’s how we can do it for you:

  1. IIC provides you custom marketing content developed specifically for your organization.
  2. You share that with your supporters. (In the US, about 1 in 20 adults buy or sell a home each year.)
  3. They contact IIC to find up to three brokers suited for their specific transaction or IIC can make arrangements with one they already have in mind.
  4. Then we give 70+% of the referral fee to your supporter’s charity (YOU!).

For example, a typical $300,000 home sale or purchase could generate around $1,300 for your charity—at no cost to you.

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