Your business can harness the real estate transactions of your employees, vendors, and partners  to support your Corporate Social Responsibility goals. By joining IIC, your company can track, and celebrate, the funds collectively generated by your people and you can even choose a favorite charity to automatically receive a portion of the funds.

Investing In Communities®, the first and only nonprofit real estate referral service, uses an objective vetting process to give home buyers and sellers their choice of specifically qualified brokers and enables them to direct most of the referral fee to the charity of their choice – at no cost to the buyer or seller. IIC can also be used to find brokers for commercial real estate.  And, IIC can be used with a broker that your company is already considering.

When consumers use IIC to select their commercial or residential broker, Investing In Communities® receives the referral fee, passes 60% of it to the consumer’s favorite charity and 20% to the charity that told them about IIC. For example, on a $300,000 home sale, in most cases a minimum of $1,500 would be shared proportionally between the two charities. Approximately 6% of households buy or sell a home in any given year. What percentage of your employees and customers might that include?