Is IIC for Consumers or Brokers?

Does Investing In Communities® (IIC) have “a list” of brokers from whom we choose? Perhaps one that brokers pay to be on? Are you choosing from a limited pool of brokers? Nope. Nope. And nope.

OK….Is IIC a marketing platform for brokers? More nope!

IIC is a platform for consumers to use, for free, to turn their brokered real estate transactions into funding opportunities for charities of their choice – call them deals that make a difference®.

IIC’s reputation, and therefore it’s sustainability, depends on its ability to make quality referrals that are based strictly on the goodness of fit between the brokers’ qualifications and your needs. By “your needs” we mean the specifics of your upcoming real estate transaction. Because there is so much competition among brokers, there are very few that will pass up the opportunity for referral business. Generally speaking, a broker’s concern over the exact amount of a commission from a client they don’t have, yet, takes a back seat to landing that client! That’s why just about any broker will say “yes!” to a referral, even a referral from another broker, for which they seem most often to  pay a referral fee that’s 25% of the commission, or more!

The math is powerful…. And as you might imagine, our experience shows that brokers, all around the country, have a strong preference for getting most of a commission, rather than none of it!

IIC aligns our referral criteria with your priorities

We also believe that your first priority, as it should be, is to have the most successful real estate transaction that you can. The good news is that IIC addresses that priority, while also enabling your transaction to make the IIC difference for a charity about which you care deeply.

Could you google to find reviews on brokers? Of course. But we can expend the effort, rather than you – and allowing IIC to do that for you is the only way your charity gets any part of the referral fee, not to mention 70% of it, each time.

So what do we look for when you entrust us with providing broker referrals? Our basic requirements are that the agent:

  • is properly licensed and in good standing
  • has good online reviews
  • works full time in real estate, and especially with the type of property that you want to buy or sell.
  • has in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood where you are selling or the neighborhoods where you are thinking of buying.

We can also make the IIC philanthropic arrangements with a broker you may already know.

And it’s important for you to understand why we make that claim. Imagine that you used a broker with great success some years ago when you bought the house you’re now planning to sell. Imagine, also, that your old broker just accepted a referral to list your neighbor’s house for sale. And, in return for that referral your old broker eagerly agreed to pay the referring broker a full referral fee. You’ll already be doing a favor for your old broker if you give them the listing on your house.

Why shouldn’t your listing involve the same kind of referral fee, so you can support a charity that is important to you?

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