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You Want To Make a Bigger Difference.  Investing In Communities can help you no matter your cause.  IIC has already impacted thousands of people in six major social sectors: Education, Women and Family, Health and Wellness, Arts and Culture, Environment, and Social Justice.  Join us to help create change, more impact and solve important global problems.    

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You’re Looking For More Support.  Investing In Communities helps empower and inform socially conscious consumers who would like to support charities and causes like yours.  Consumers have helped raise over $500,000 for a variety of charities, all from everyday residential and commercial real estate transactions.  IIC’s method can help you raise more money and find the support you need. Become a member and learn how you can begin today.

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You Don’t Want More Work.  IIC funding is almost always unrestricted, it’s free for your supporters AND it’s simple. Being a non-profit ourselves, we understand the frustrations of your organization and how difficult it can be to raise funding.  We know operations run lean, budgets are tight, and fundraising is time consuming, stressful and exhausting.  Your organization has a mission that requires resources.  We want to help you access funding from a new source.

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There’s a Win-Win Solution.  Connecting our consumers to charities they’re passionate about is a win-win.  IIC’s method helps to manifests these magical moments.  But, not without member charities to choose from.  The win-win outcomes continue as IIC also helps your charity through increased publicity, tools for reaching and engaging a larger audience, and impacting your cause, all at no expense to you.  Yes, it’s FREE!  Get started below.

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  • Please enter the contact information for the individual who will be working directly with IIC
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  • In order for IIC to properly publicize your organization each time it receives IIC funding, please tell us what the typical or average unit of your mission costs you to provide.
    To receive funding, IIC Nonprofit Members agree to: Have $50 deducted from their first IIC distribution each calendar year; Advise IIC of any change in nonprofit status, Place the IIC logo and link on their websites, Allow IIC to publish certain information at the IIC website, Keep contact information provided to IIC current. Applicant is also "opting in" to receive occasional updates and announcements from IIC. IIC does not share information with third parties.

Getting Started


Still, Don’t Think You’re Ready? Don’t Worry.   Investing In Communities makes the process simple. Join us and receive our FREE step-by-step email series that will teach you how the IIC approach can help your charity. Raise more money, transform people’s lives and if it’s not for you, quit at any time.  Join us by filling out the form in Step 5.