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“IIC  referred me to a listing agent and a buyer broker, even though I had already contacted both of them. After closing my home sale in Boise and home purchase in Portland, IIC sent $4,026 to my nieces’ public school in Chicago. It was effortless and free to me. It’s crazy not to use IIC.”

- Heather H. -

As treasurer of our elementary school’s volunteer fundraising group, I can say that the $4,026 from Investing In Communities was probably the easiest money we’ve ever raised, considering how little time and effort it required. We definitely see how IIC could be a great fundraising tool for us and other schools.

- Rick Bolliger, Waters Today -

As a first time home buyer, I wanted to find a realtor I could trust, that would have my best interests in mind. By going through Investing in Communities, I was able to choose one that had been screened for specializing in the kind of property, price range, and even the neighborhoods that I wanted. And, because of IIC’s social mission, my home purchase also enabled me to support a great nonprofit, at zero cost to me! I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

- PP, Residential Buyer, Chicago -

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