Investing In Communities exists so that every brokered real estate transaction can make a positive impact for charities chosen by consumers.

For this vision to become reality, IIC strives to provide consumers with referrals to the brokers best suited for each specific transaction. Whenever possible, IIC will include brokers we have worked with successfully in the past. We’ve found that each IIC transaction usually creates a ripple effect of marketing and new business opportunities within the community of the benefiting charity. The best way to make that happen in your market is to encourage your prospective clients to use IIC to generate funds for their favorite charity. By submitting your application to be entered in our database, you’ll also receive occasional pointers on how to improve your client satisfaction and lead flow by using IIC.


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If you have relationships with any charities or companies, you can invite them to join IIC. Companies can use IIC for their own commercial real estate transactions that will also benefit their favorite- or their employees’ favorite charities. They can build their brand as a socially conscious business as more people associated with the company use IIC for their own residential real estate. Local charities will also be motivated to share IIC with their supporters and we can track who invited them.

Nope, but we think it’s a pretty good bet that you will get more leads and clients if you position yourself as an enlightened broker.

IIC allows any consumer to request any charity and work with any broker, it is therefore misleading to give consumers the impression that there are only certain brokers that work with IIC. Whenever it’s possible and in the consumer’s best interest, we will include brokers in the referral list who we’ve worked with in the past.

Your client can specify the broker they want to use and the charity they want to benefit from the referral fee. That funding usually motivates the charity to remind their supporters about IIC, which generates more leads for IIC. In turn IIC, always prefers to include “IIC champions” in our three referrals. Think of that first client as an investment in a new pipeline of leads.

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