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Use IIC To Gain valuable third party PR.  Over $500,000 has been raised and thousands of lives impacted, all through everyday real estate transactions. IIC’s method helps your company support the charity of your choice just by leasing, buying, and selling office, retail, and industrial space.  Use IIC to make a bigger difference, the next time your company needs to relocate or renew. Each time you do, IIC will use social media to write about your impact, for free.

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You Want To Engage Employees, Too. Increase your impact by introducing IIC to your employees. Each time one of them uses IIC with a home purchase or sale, they choose the charity, but IIC will write about your company. Learn how IIC can help you engage your employees and customers in your philanthropic vision. It’s FREE!

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Gain the benefits of joining IIC even if you don’t have a real estate transaction in the offing. Because IIC is a community-building organization, simply being an IIC Company Member is a message that should be spread.  You can use your IIC Member profile, which is a separate webpage, in your own marketing and Investing In Communities will give you a shout-out in its social media, showing your company in a positive light and sharing the message that you’re more than just an ordinary organization. You will also gain free access to the Company Member media kit, including messages for a variety of communications purposes that you can use, verbatim, or personalize them. Join IIC, below.

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