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You’re Socially Conscious or Want to support a child in school.  Imagine a real estate transaction that impacts community change or global causes.  Consumers using IIC’s method have helped to raise over $500,000 for a variety of their favorite charities, all at no cost.  You can join those already making a difference and it’s FREE!  Learn how Investing In Communities can help empower you to support the charity of your choice.

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Planning to Buy or Sell A Home. IIC gives you the power to make your next transaction make the IIC difference for a charity of your choice, including schools. IIC’s method helps transform the usually stressful and confusing process of buying or selling a home. Take Action below to learn how easy and enjoyable the process can be. (You can also use IIC when you lease commercial space.)

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You Don’t Want Just Any Agent.  We’re inspired by your desire to do good, but we understand your priority is to have the most successful real estate transaction.  That’s why IIC’s method begins with helping you find agents that specialize in the specifics of your upcoming transaction. We can even help you find agents that share some of your interests, for example being a pet-lover or speaking a foreign language. We believe in helping you find the “right” agent no matter where you are in the country. And, we can even make the IIC arrangements with an agent you already have in mind, by leveraging the power you have to choose an agent. Contact IIC to find the perfect agent today.

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You Seek Win-Win Outcomes.  Supporting your favorite charity while completing the transaction you desire is win-win.   But, IIC is even good for the agent you pick, who pays no more than a typical referral fee. And, all of the good that you gain using IIC comes at no expense to you.  Yes, it’s FREE!

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No transaction?  No problem! You can use IIC, even if you are not planning a real estate transaction and just want to help. Investing In Communities makes the process simple. Join us and receive our FREE step-by-step email series that will teach you how you can give the gift of IIC to charities and people you know. Take Action by filling out the form in Step 5.