The Platform for Cause-Minded Real Estate Consumers Announces Shut Down

IIC closing down

After years of offering real estate consumers a way to support their favorite cause at no cost to themselves, Chicago-based Investing In Communities announced that it’s shutting its doors. “We thought that nonprofits would be eager to get $1,350* each time one of their supporters bought or sold a home,

using any broker they chose. But we were wrong. They must already have all the funding they need.” said Michael Pink, co-founder of the nonprofit social enterprise, Investing In Communities.

Cause-minded consumers and savvy nonprofit fundraisers disappointed by this news will be heartened to know that the shut down will only be for a few days as we launch a new and improved website, expected to be live by mid-April. We will encourage companies and individuals to “take the pledge” to make a difference with their future real estate transactions by getting occasional email or text reminders from IIC. 

IIC is free for all consumers to use, to support their favorite charity or school for free, just by buying or selling a property.

If you don’t want to wait for the new website, you can still take the pledge and sign up for a reminder now….

Just sayin’.

Happy April Fool’s day!

But, we really are launching the new and improved site, soon!

And we don’t have any doors. We’re web-based.

*That’s the typical distribution if the purchase or sale price isi $300,000.

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