IIC Challenge Grant Initiative

IIC Challenge Grants are a dynamic way to build significant and sustainable revenue for nonprofits. They are also an excellent way for companies to maximize the impact of their charitable giving. For individuals, IIC challenge grants are a no-cost way to support your favorite charity or school. Please sign up at the bottom of the page, and be sure to select the nonprofit you want to help. It’s free for you!

How Do IIC Challenge Grants Work?

An IIC Challenge Grant is a grant that a company makes when a nonprofit achieves a certain goal that makes it a stronger organization, for example, increasing volunteers by a certain number and deadline. 

IIC Challenge Grants work when supporters sign-up for a reminder about how they can help generate funding for their favorite charity, at no cost to themselves, the next time they want to use the services of any real estate broker. When the nonprofit’s sign-up goal is met, then the corporate supporter gives the funding to the nonprofit. The company challenges the nonprofit and the nonprofit challenges their supporters.

For example, an insurance agent who supports the local animal rescue offers a $2,000 grant if 50 people sign up to get reminders that their future real estate transactions can support the rescue. With IIC, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can generate around $1,300 for a nonprofit of the buyer or seller’s choice. It costs the supporter nothing and they can use any broker they want, as long as they start with IIC. Each year, at least a few of the people who signed up buy and/or sell homes, resulting in free funding each time. 

And, each time a transaction occurs IIC writes a small story about it that you can share on social media. Each of those stories helps the rescue get more supporters to sign up and helps the local insurance agent with more visibility in the community. 

The more supporters that sign-up, the more real estate transactions will benefit the nonprofit.

To  set up an IIC Challenge Grant for your nonprofit or company, please contact nh@iiconline.org.

What to Expect When You Sign Up to Support Your Nonprofit’s IIC Challenge Grant

We will never share your contact information with anyone. And you choose the frequency of your IIC reminder email to help you remember that your future real estate transaction, at no cost to you and using the broker of your choice, can support your favorite charity or school. When you select the option that best describes your timeline as it relates to possible real estate transactions, we will send you an initial email to tell you the timing of your first reminder. In all emails from us you will have the option to change the date of your next reminder or unsubscribe completely.  

IIC works by referring you to appropriate agents from which to choose. Competition for clients is what makes agents eager to pay referral fees, which can only be paid by one brokerage company to another one. IIC is licensed, so brokerages in every state can remit referral fees to us. We pass at least 70% of that money on to the nonprofits specifically chosen by each IIC user.

Using IIC to refer you to an agent enables your favorite charity to receive most of the referral fee. Please remember, you can even use IIC this way to work with an agent you already know – or we can provide three agent referrals, based on the specifics of your desired transaction. Either way, there’s no cost to you.

Current Challenge Grants

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