By using IIC to find and select your real estate agent, you can generate funding for your favorite charity.  You probably found IIC because you care about a cause or a charity. There are three ways you can use IIC to benefit your favorite charity: 1) use IIC as your resource for finding your real estate agent or signing up with an agent you already have in mind for your upcoming transaction (to do so, complete the form on this page), 2) tell the fundraising team at your favorite charity about IIC so they can tell their other supporters about IIC, 3) share IIC with anyone you know who might be looking for a commercial or residential real estate agent (maybe you can even nudge them toward selecting your favorite charity.)

You Don’t Want Just Any Agent.  We’re inspired by your desire to do good, but we understand your priority is to have the most successful real estate transaction.  That’s why IIC’s method begins with helping you find agents that specialize in the specifics of your upcoming transaction. We can even help you find agents that share some of your interests, for example being a pet-lover or speaking a foreign language. We believe in helping you find the “right” agent no matter where you are in the country. And, we can even make the IIC arrangements with an agent you already have in mind, by leveraging the power you have to choose an agent. Contact IIC to find the perfect agent today.

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