Get Paid to Move to These Places– And Help Your Favorite Nonprofit

Relocation Incentives  Relocation incentives are offered to induce many different choices by individuals and companies. [...]

Is Your Nonprofit Missing Out on Residual Funding Because of One of these 5 Misconceptions?

We get it. Your hands are full and you’re focused on executing your current fundraising [...]

Nonprofits’ & Charities’ Websites

As a nonprofit organization, you are working towards furthering a social cause which will benefit [...] features Investing In Communities; Let’s Bend the Curve for Better Capitalism

Investing in Communities: Let’s Bend the Curve for Better Capitalism – Better Chicago As part [...]

ThriveGlobal Q&A with IIC Founder, Michael Pink

“Think before you spend.” With Charlie Katz & Michael Pink Think before you spend. Always [...]

IIC Founder interviewed by Authority Magazine

Michael Pink of MAP Real Estate: How We Plan To Rebuild In The Post COVID [...]

IIC Founder Featured on The Conscious Leader Podcast

#80 – Michael Pink – How to Use Real-Estate for Good 21 April 2020 EPISODE [...]

Grassroots Fundraising

Grassroots Fundraising, sounds more like large trees. Grassroots fundraising raises funds in small increments. For [...]

What is Social Enterprise?

What’s Social Enterprise and who is a Social Entrepreneur? This article discusses what social enterprise [...]

Journey Center Received $2,240 as a Result of a Home Purchase and Sale

Support for your Journey Sometimes you get Perfect Timing   Like so many of us, John [...]

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