Journey Center Received $2,240 as a Result of a Home Purchase and Sale

John Knoff and Eva Sullivan-Knoff sold a home and bought a home, and in the process their favorite nonprofit, Journey Center, received $2,240. Because they contacted Investing In Communities before contacting a broker, they were able to direct a percentage of the referral fee, at no cost to themselves, for both transactions to Journey Center.

John knew about IIC through his previous role with Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, which received over $14,000 through Investing In Communities as a result of an office lease. While John and Eva used IIC to find and make arrangements with a real estate broker, it’s important to note that more often consumers already have a broker in mind and IIC can make the arrangements so that their favorite nonprofit can benefit, as long as they contact IIC first.

Anyone planning a real estate transaction in the U.S. can support the Journey Center of Chicago. Please share this link with your friends and family!

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