$4,026 for Waters Elementary from a Home Sale and Purchase in Idaho and Oregon

Heather Hofman, who has two nieces at Waters Elementary, has used IIC twice to make it possible for Waters Today to receive $4,026. Investing In Communities first helped Heather make arrangements with a broker to sell her house in Boise, Idaho in 2017. For that sale, Waters received $1,677, at no cost to Heather. In February of 2020, Heather bought a home in Portland, after using IIC to make arrangements with the broker she already knew she wanted to work with, resulting in $2,260 for Waters.

In both cases, Heather knew the broker she wanted to work with but first had IIC set up a referral agreement with each of them. It’s important to note that the brokers knew that the referral agreement with IIC was a condition for getting to work with Heather as a client.

Anyone planning a real estate transaction in the U.S. can support Waters Today. Please share this link with your friends and family!

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