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Waters Today

Your Real Estate Transaction Can Support Waters Elementary

Waters Today raises money and mobilizes volunteers in support of Waters Elementary School, a unique neighborhood public school that has created a joyful learning environment that integrates art, ecology and music into the common core curriculum. As a member of Investing in Communities®, Waters Today can receive funding as a result of any real estate transaction – home sales, home purchases, or commercial leases. Already, $1,766 has been raised as a result of a residential sale. As more family and friends of Waters Elementary community use this platform before engaging an agent, Waters Today will have more funds to support the unique culture and learning environment of Waters Elementary.

Visitors to Waters Elementary, located in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Chicago, can see a campus that has been shaped over the years through the interaction of the community and the culture of the school. The South end of the campus is a magical place with several 300+ year old oak trees standing over native prairie grasses and flowers. Nestled within the oak  savanna is a community garden with plots tended by people from the neighborhood and other plots that are planted and cared for by students. A campfire ringed with natural seating and a wood-fired pizza oven are used throughout the year for weekly “garden nights” and other events. In the fall, younger students enjoy storytelling and cider with roasted potatoes that were planted by students in the spring. Adjacent to the garden is the playing field, which is a favorite spot for impromptu games of soccer, frisbee, wiffle ball, tag, and countless invented and unnamed games.

Art, Ecology, and Common Core Curriculum

The common core curriculum of math, science, language arts, and social studies is taught by teachers who delight in engaging students through hands-on learning and cross-collaboration with the fine arts, technology, and environmental programs. For students at various levels of reading and math, teachers create differentiated learning experiences that are tailored to fit each student.

Volunteering at Waters Elementary

Volunteers are an integral part of the school community and there are a variety of opportunities to get involved, including:

  • Ecology Program Support
  • Visual Arts Program Support
  • Community Garden Nights
  • Grant Writing
  • Harvest Day
  • Book Fairs
  • STEM Exhibition Judges
  • Holiday Craft Market
  • Room Parents 
  • Fundraising Support Team

Buying, Selling, and Leasing Can Generate Funding for Waters Elementary

Waters Today is a volunteer-based organization that raises private funding to support the arts and ecology programs as well as other strategic initiatives of Waters Elementary.  Now, anyone who cares about Waters Elementary can turn virtually any brokered real estate transaction into funding for the school, at no cost. For example, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can result in about $1,300 of free funding, which has a significant impact on their modest budget. Generate funding by using this free platform to make arrangements with an agent you already have in mind. Or you can find and choose among real estate agents that are appropriate for your residential or commercial real estate needs. Ready to start?


Location: Chicago, IL

Focus Area: Education, Environment

Budget: Less than $250k

Most Recent:

Total IIC Funding:

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As a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization, Waters Today is eligible to receive at least 70% of the referral fee when you use Investing In Communities (IIC) to sign up with ANY real estate broker to handle your residential or commercial property transaction. Referral fees are a common expense paid by brokers only to other brokers for much desired referrals. As a licensed broker with a charitable mission, IIC is able to accept referral fees and pass most of those funds to your charity of choice - at no cost to you.
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