IIC + PrimeCare

We make it possible to buy and sell homes,
while supporting your favorite charity for free.


Test Positive Awareness Network (TPAN)

RECEIVED: $16,066


DETAILS: $2,531 as a result of a residential sale. $13,535 as a result of an office lease. Help Test Positive Awareness Network (TPAN) with your next real estate transaction.

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

RECEIVED: $36,511


DETAILS: Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law chose a broker through IIC and received $11,511 from an office lease renewal and $25,000 from a relocation.

Kennebec Estuary Land Trust

RECEIVED: $6,905


DETAILS: Eckhart Kolak selected Kennebec Estuary Land Trust in Maine to receive $6,905 from an office lease renewal.

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Anyone planning to have a brokered real estate transaction can support the cause they care about.


Work with a broker you have in mind. Or we can provide referrals. Either way, when you start here, your favorite charity gets $500+.

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white box office space


Transform company and employee real estate transactions into nonprofit funding while supporting your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

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Investing In Communities for everyone


Generate an ongoing funding stream from your supporters’ residential and commercial real estate transactions. There’s no cost to them and they pick any broker.

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IIC + Illinois safe Schools

 IL Safe Schools Alliance, in the business of advocating for LGBTQ students, was in need of new offices for its growing staff. Simply by using IIC to choose its broker, ISSA got the best lease for the perfect space and received $1,750 of support for its mission. That was a smart and safe choice!


HMS Industrial Networks is in the business of enabling machines to talk to each other. It helps the world work more efficiently. So it made sense that when this Swedish company wanted to relocate and expand its Chicago office, it used IIC to choose its specialist office tenant rep broker to handle the project. And that’s how HMS was able to choose Children’s Memorial Foundation to receive $3,654 of unrestricted funding. Then, when HMS needed to expand, again, it used IIC to choose its broker and it chose Society of Women Engineers to receive $2,429 from IIC!


Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (CLCCRUL) has been a leader in the fight, for over 50 years. Because CLCCRUL used IIC to choose its broker, simply by signing a new office lease at 100 N.LaSalle and, when it ended, a renewal of that lease, CLCCRUL, received $14,320 through Investing In Communities to support its mission securing racial equity and economic opportunity for all. CLCCRUL is an IIC Social Justice charity.

IIC + PrimeCare

PrimeCare knew the way to get the very best real estate result and unrstricted funding was to choose its broker through IIC. That’s how it received $30,000 to support its mission and celebrate the opening of its state of the art 16,000sf gleaming primary care family health clinic in Chicago’s Belmont-Cragin neighborhood.


Owners of a single family detached house on Chicago’s north side wanted a great broker to list their home and they wanted to support their favorite charity, at no personal expense. The simple action of choosing their broker through IIC accomplished both objectives and provided $2,530.55 to support TPAN‘s mission, increasing TPAN’s IIC funding to more than $16.000!

Big Hearts + IIC

Big heart, small home. That describes the everyday residential real estate transaction which was transformed into a family’s housing solution, while helping to save cats & dogs diagnosed with heart disease. Let’s beat the drum for The Big Hearts Fund which received $891.02, at no cost to that family!


CARPLS, the #1 legal hotline in the U.S., was founded as “Coordinated Advice & Referral Program for Legal Services”. With an average cost per case of $65, the $2,553 IIC distribution, resulting from its recent Chicago office lease renewal, enabled it to help 39 people and CARPLS got a great lease!

HealthConnect One + IIC

When the owner of Belle + Beau wanted to open a store on the northwest side of Chicago, she used IIC to find a specialist retail tenant rep. The result was a perfect space in Park Ridge and a very favorable lease. It’s also how the owner of this high-end baby clothes & toy store was able to choose a charity whose mission promoting newborn & maternal health was perfectly aligned with her brand, HealthConnect One, to receive $714.68. It just makes sense.


Housing Action IL chose an office tenant rep through IIC when it wanted to renew its lease for Chicago office space and again when it wanted to relocate into new space.That’s all it took to achieve the best results for its office leases. It’s also how HAI generated $3,955 to further its mission of expanding quality affordable housing throughout Illinois.

IIC + Woodstock Inst.

Woodstock Institute, whose mission is economic justice, used IIC to find its office tenant rep and get unrestricted funding. First, a renewal in-place improved the economics and the layout of its Chicago office space and yielded a $2,239 IIC distribution. Second, its relocation and long-term lease for new space yielded a $2,591 IIC distribution. Woodstock received the best real estate results and unrestricted funding.

Dreams for Kids + IIC

When his lawfirm’s lease was about a year from ending, Steven Pontikes used Investing In Communities to choose a tenant-rep to negotiate his new office lease. Because Steve was friends with its founder, he chose Dreams for Kids to receive $3,111 of unrestricted IIC funding. And, because Urban Partnership Bank asked IIC to use a raffle to distribute the $42,000 of unrestricted fuding that resulted from its own office lease because it also chose its office tenant rep through IIC, Dreams for Kids received another $5,000. We are so proud to support Dreams For Kids, making more dreams come true!


TPAN, which provides support for those with HIV/AIDS, was in need of larger office space. By using IIC to choose its office tenant rep, TPAN was able to get great new space, a great lease, and $13,536 of unrestrticted funding to supoort its mission! Now that’s a outcome to celebrate.

Circle of Parents + IIC

Metropolitan Group needed to expand their Chicago office space and as a result of that transaction, Circle of Parents was chosen to receive $2,313.

Delta Inst. + IIC

Delta Institute, a leader in the environmental movement, IS all about sustainability. IIC was the natural resource to use so its Chicago office lease would be the most sustainable it could be. Delta chose 35 E. Wacker when it relocated to a larger, brand new space overlooking the Chicago River. As a result, Delta received $10,924 in unrestricted funding to help sustain its mission. Another $6,115 of funding from IIC is the result of its new lease for space that required no construction. Now, that’s sustainable!


The owners of Associated Publications are animal lovers! They chose PAWS Chicago to receive the $4,796 IIC distribution that resulted from a renewal of their Chicago office lease at the John Hancock Building. That free funding was possible because they chose their office tenant rep, through Investing In Communities.