Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Justice should not be only  for the wealthy and those who can afford to buy their freedom and liberty. It should be within the reach of us all without regard for one’s net worth or station in life. For more than 50 years, the Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law has fought to advance justice and opportunity for the less powerful, thereby benefiting  all Americans.

The Shriver Center is one of the nation’s leading advocacy organizations for people living in poverty. Their mission is to increase opportunity  for workers, families, and communities lacking wealth.

As part of its ongoing fight for social justice and racial equity, the center  expands its impact through partnerships and alliances with groups around the country, using coordinated, multi-state strategies.  Its Clearinghouse Review is a significant resource for this network and for poverty lawyers across the country

Examples of Shriver Center’s successes  include:

  • Securing basic legal protection for 35,000 domestic workers
  • Helping to keep open hospitals and clinics serving more than 700,000 children in Cook County alone
  • Getting a high school diploma to qualify as fulfillment of  the work-activity requirements for receiving temporary cash assistance
  • Protecting the fair housing rights of millions of people who have past-involvement with the criminal justice system
  • Securing broad policy victories for poor communities and communities of color

The Shriver Center is named for Robert Sargent Shriver Jr., an American diplomat, politician and activist, and the driving force behind the creation of the Peace Corps, the Job Corps, Head Start, and other programs during the 1960s “War on Poverty. Sarge was also the Democratic Party‘s nominee for Vice President in the 1972 presidential election.   The lives of millions of Americans are made better each and every days, as a result of the Center’s effective efforts and advocacy helping to shape  national policy and programs.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Focus Area: Social Justice

Budget: $1 million - $5 million

Total IIC Funding:

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