Investing In Communities® is a platform to support many types of social good. You can learn about our categories below.


Animals, as pets or wildlife, can evoke a wide range of positive emotions for many. Organizations working for the benefit of animals may focus on protecting a specific species of animal, the humane treatment of livestock, shelter and care for homeless pets, or habitat and land that supports wildlife. Sub-categories of animal categories include:

Wildlife Conservation

Animal Welfare

Zoos & Aquariums


Education is the basis for human development and the advancement of society. Education organizations can be found working on just about every aspect of this cause; we currently categorize them as follows:

Early Childhood Programs

Scholarship Funding

Adult Education

Youth Education

Education Reform


The environment is ubiquitous, like the air we breathe, and yet it is also local, like a patch of wildflowers for pollinators. People care deeply about the environment and how to protect and improve, although how that translates to an organization’s mission varies widely. We currently classify environmental organizations in the following:

Broad-based Environmental Organizations

Climate Change

Clean Energy

Pollution Issues


Social Justice & Human Rights

Social Justice and Human Rights organizations work to create a more just and fair world for all people. They promote new policies, laws, and ideas to improve the lives of people with various disadvantages. The organizations working in this field are classified as follows:

Labor & Community Organizing

Policy & Advocacy

Civil Rights (Seniors, Women, LGBTQ, Children)




Health & Wellness

Wellness and Human Services organizations work to improve health and reduce suffering through research, advocacy and services. Some work on understanding and addressing the causes of specific health issues. Others provide access to services for specific populations. And some promote specific activities and sports for their wellness and recreational benefits. Here’s how we classify Wellness and Human Services Organizations:


Local Living


Sports & Fitness


Women & Female Empowerment


Veterans & Military

Community Development

Community Development is the work of improving communities with planning and investment of human and financial capital. Organizations working in this field often focus on one or more of the following areas:

Affordable Housing

Economic Development


Community Building

arts and culture

Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture organizations bring human and cultural expression to life. Some exist for art and culture’s sake alone, while others use art and culture as a means to address other needs.

Performing & Visual Arts

Libraries, Museums & Cultural Institutions

Public Media

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