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The Alliance for the Great Lakes (AGL) leads a variety of large scale campaigns aimed at keeping our Great Lakes clean and healthy. As a member of Investing In Communities®, AGL can receive funding as a result of any brokered real estate transaction – home sales, home purchases, or commercial leases. Already, $3,972 has been raised. As more supporters use this platform, at no cost to them or to AGL, before engaging a real estate agent, AGL will have more resources with which to save the Great Lakes.

Since 1970, Alliance for the Great Lakes has engaged thousands of people in efforts to push back against the pollution and invasive species that jeopardize the well being of the Great Lakes and the vast ecosystems they support. Each year, the Alliance organizes a massive volunteer beach clean up, with as many as 15,000 volunteers. Additionally, AGL  manages multiple smaller campaigns, including the Saving Lake Erie campaign to combat invasive species and pollutants, such as Lake Erie algae blooms, a campaign to stop Great Lakes plastic pollution, and a campaign to upgrade sewage infrastructure, as well as operating an online action center.

Saving Lake Erie Campaign

Caused by runoff from big local farms, the quality of Lake Erie’s water has plummeted to dangerous levels with the increase of its algae blooms. The algae blooms not only render the water too dangerous for humans to drink, but poisonous for  aquatic life. These devastating results can be prevented, though, and Alliance for the Great Lakes accepts donations that will be put toward saving Lake Erie from this threat.

Keeping Invasive Species out of Lake Erie

Over the years, ships coming through the St. Lawrence seaway have brought invasive species to Lake Erie with devastating results. Meanwhile, engineers have tampered with the flow of the Mississippi river, allowing more invasive species to do irreversible damage to the Lakes. To make sure no more invasive species are introduced, the Alliance for the Great Lakes is working to ensure that legal action is taken to prevent further species invasions.

Stop Plastic Pollution Campaign

Microscopic pieces of plastic have been turning up in dangerous quantities in the drinking water (and even in beer) that is sourced from the Great Lakes water. In response, the Alliance has:

  • Promoted and won a ban on the manufacture and sale of microbeads, tiny pieces of plastic that slip past sewage processing and poison fish and other organisms living in the lakes. 
  • Organized the Adopt-a-Beach program which removes 18 tons of Great Lakes plastic pollution each year. 
  • Encouraged others, through public awareness campaigns, to reduce plastic use.

Sewage Overflow

Outdated sewage infrastructure allows sewage into the Great Lakes, fostering the growth of harmful bacteria. AGL is raising funds to help local governments upgrade their sewage infrastructure and limit this source of pollution. 

Great Lakes Compact

Signed in 2008, the Great Lakes Compact was a big win for Alliance for the Great Lakes and its allies. The compact is an agreement between all states touching one or more of the Great Lakes to ensure that the Great Lakes water supplies are not recklessly drained, or tainted.

Alliance for the Great Lakes Action Center

 AGL  is also a robust online resource to those wanting to stay active and informed on issues and efforts involving preservation of the Great Lakes. The Great Lakes Action Center serves as a digital dashboard for the organization’s big movements. 

Your Purchase, Sale, or Lease Helps Clean Up the Great Lakes

At no cost to themselves, anyone who cares about protecting the Great Lakes can turn virtually any brokered real estate transaction into funding for Alliance for the Great Lakes. For example, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can result in about $1,300 of free funding. Support AGL’s mission by using IIC’s free platform to make arrangements with an agent you already have in mind. Or use IIC to find and choose among real estate agents that are appropriate for the specifics of your residential or commercial real estate needs. Ready to start?

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