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Buying, Selling, & Leasing Can Help Kids Get a Better Start on Life

Hope College’s Children’s After School Achievement (CASA) program is an after school program for at risk first to fifth grade students in Holland, Michigan. As a member of Investing In Communities, Hope College can receive funding from the real estate transactions of its supporters, at no cost to the supporter or to the college. They have already raised $1,225, and the more supporters that use this free platform before engaging a real estate agent, the more resources Hope College’s CASA program has to partner with at risk children and get them on track for a good education and a successful life. 

Founded and run by the administration, students and staff of Hope College, the Children’s After School Achievement program has served the community of Holland, Michigan since 1988. Driven by the conviction that a good education is an important early step toward a happy life, the program provides struggling children with the resources and coaching that they need to thrive. Children’s After School Achievement provides one-on-one tutoring during the school year through the CASA Academic Tutoring Program. There is also the CASA Summer Program for students who have been referred by their schools to supplement and build on their education experience. 

CASA Academic Tutoring Program

Some students just need a little boost before they can excel in the classroom. Children’s After School Achievement tutors meet with students after school on a regular basis. These one-on-one after school sessions include: 

  • A nutritious snack;
  • Free transportation;
  • Homework assistance;
  • Reading time with access to CASA’s library;
  • Educational exercises and games; and
  • Immediate, personalized, daily feedback for each student to help keep them moving forward.

CASA Summer Program

The summer months provide a great opportunity for struggling students to catch up and prepare for the upcoming academic year. The CASA Summer Program provides six weeks of summer school four days a week. The summer classes are kept small so that students still receive the attention that they need. Additionally, they receive: 

  • Free, healthy lunches;
  • Consistent instruction from a specialized curriculum; and
  • Fun and engaging field trips to museums and other educational attractions.

Your Purchase, Sale, or Lease Helps Tutor At Risk Students

Anyone who cares about helping at risk first through fifth graders succeed can turn virtually any brokered real estate transaction into funding for Hope College’s Children’s After School Achievement program. By using this free platform to find a real estate agent or make arrangements with one you already know you want to work with, buying or selling a home or leasing commercial space can generate funding for the cause. For example, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can result in about $1,300 of free funding, which directly supports  ​the CASA program’s ability to provide valuable tutoring to struggling students. 


Location: Holland, Michigan

Focus Area: Education, Health and Wellness

Budget: Less than $250k

Most Recent:

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