GlobalGiving is a global crowdfunding community that helps nonprofits around the world to get vital funding from individual donors and companies. GlobalGiving started in 2002 with the mission to transform aid and philanthropy to accelerate community-led change. Since then it has become the largest platform of its kind and has raised more than $375 million from over 871,000 individuals for over 22,000 projects in 170 countries.

GlobalGiving makes it easy for individual and corporate donors to give their dollars to charities vetted by GlobalGiving and backed by a Donation Satisfaction Guarantee. So you can make your funding decision with confidence that it will have the greatest possible impact. In addition to funding, GlobalGiving provides nonprofits access to tools, training, and support to help them improve their effectiveness.

What is the GlobalGiving difference?

  • Trust. Each  nonprofit and program on the platform is fully vetted and nearly all have had, or at least expect, a site visit. Even in the most remote areas of the world.
  • Not-for-profit. GlobalGiving is mission, not profit-driven, unlike other crowdfunding platforms.
  • Donation Matching. GlobalGiving leverages money and prizes to increase the impact of each donation.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee. If donors aren’t satisfied that their donation made an impact, GlobalGiving will reallocate the funding to another project of the donor’s choosing.
  • Support and Training. A learning library of tips, tools, best practices backed up by one-on-one coaching.
  • New Money. GlobalGiving introduces nonprofits to new funders and helps build stronger relationships with them.
  • Connection. Donors can actually get regular updates about who and what they have chosen to fund.
  • Transparent. There are no hidden costs for donations.
  • Best-in-class Corporate Giving. GlobalGiving helps companies develop powerful corporate social responsibility, grantmaking, and employee engagement strategies.
  • Truly Global. No other crowdfunding platform offers 501c3 equivalency in so many countries – 170 and counting.
  • Disaster Response. GlobalGiving is positioned to respond quickly with funding to help survivors of natural disasters and to provide support as long as recovery takes.
  • Maximum Impact. To make the most impact with every donation, GlobalGiving provides capacity-building and training to boost effectiveness and sustainability.

GG makes it possible to support programs and orgs in countries where it would otherwise be very difficult to provide that support, in part because of the anti-terrorist rules/laws that have been enacted since 9/11.

Location: Washington, District of Columbia

Focus Area: Education, Environment, Social Justice

Budget: $1 million - $5 million

Want to help this charity with your next real estate transaction?


As a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization, GlobalGiving is eligible to receive at least 70% of the referral fee when you use Investing In Communities (IIC) to sign up with ANY real estate broker to handle your residential or commercial property transaction. Referral fees are a common expense paid by brokers only to other brokers for much desired referrals. As a licensed broker with a charitable mission, IIC is able to accept referral fees and pass most of those funds to your charity of choice - at no cost to you.
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