Each year, nearly 1,000 people in Illinois and 30,000 nationally are needlessly killed by guns and tens of thousands more are shot but survive. States with the most regulations on guns have the lowest numbers of deaths. The mission of Illinois Council against Handgun Violence (ICHV) is to reduce death and injury caused by firearms by:

  • Educating the public on the facts about gun violence and its impacts;
  • Providing a clearinghouse of resources and information;
  • Evaluating effectiveness and feasibility of existing and proposed public policies related to firearms;
  • Working with stakeholder groups including law enforcement, health care providers, and community groups to understand and incorporate their experiences pertaining to gun violence;
  • Advocating for state and federal policies that make it more difficult to obtain firearms;
  • Building and mobilizing public support for better gun control laws.

The work of ICHV has resulted in some of the most progressive regulations in the country.

ICHV has brought much needed attention and awareness about gun violence and solutions through programs such as Student Voices Program, Student Leaders Program, Lincoln Awards, and the Teddy Gun project. The Teddy Gun project highlights the absurdity that nearly all consumer products including teddy bears have more regulations than guns. The mash-up prototype of a handgun built into the body of a teddy bear allows the “teddy bear” to bypass all the regulations that it would be subject to if it wasn’t actually a firearm. The Teddy Gun was launched in March of 2017 and has been on tour as a kind of provocative public art installation. It has garnered more than 130 million earned impressions and has done what most media coverage of gun violence has failed to do- to get people to stop and pay attention.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Focus Area: Arts and Culture, Education, Health and Wellness, Social Justice, Women and Families

Budget: $500k - $1 million

Total IIC Funding:

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