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Your Future Real Estate Transaction can Support Injustice Watch

As a member of Investing In Communities®, Injustice Watch can receive funding as a result of any brokered real estate transaction – home sales, home purchases, or commercial leases. As more supporters use this platform, before engaging a real estate agent, Injustice Watch will have more resources to report on and fight injustice.

Mission and Vision of Injustice Watch

Injustice Watch is a non-partisan, not-for-profit journalism organization that conducts in-depth research exposing institutional failures that obstruct justice and equality. Our goal is to listen to and center people impacted by institutional injustices and provide them with the perspectives, information and resources to hold powerful people and oppressive systems accountable.

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Supporting Journalism and Exposing Barriers to Justice

We seek to solve two problems: first, the decline of critically important investigative journalism in traditional newsrooms, brought about by the decline of the newspaper business; and second, the absence of deep dive investigative research on systemic barriers to justice and equity. We aim to amplify voices of impacted communities, and tell stories that wouldn’t otherwise be told, all while mentoring the next generation of investigative journalists.

History of Injustice Watch

Injustice Watch was founded in 2015 by two eminent investigative journalists who perceived that democratic society would suffer from the decline in investigative journalism. It has grown to nine employees and produced award-winning investigations that impact public policy at the local and national level.


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Our Cook County Judicial Elections Guide, produced every election cycle, is an unparalleled non-partisan, thoroughly researched, user-friendly guide to every judicial candidate on the Cook County Ballot. Our “Essential Work” multimedia series featured the perspectives of young anti-violence community organizers. And our award-winning “In Plain View” series analyzed a database of troubling law enforcement posts on Facebook.

Your Purchase, Sale, or Lease Helps Support Journalism and Justice

At no cost to themselves, anyone who cares about supporting journalism and justice can turn virtually any brokered real estate transaction into funding for Injustice Watch. For example, the purchase or sale of a $300,000 home can result in about $1,300 of free funding. Support the mission of Injustice Watch by using IIC’s free platform to make arrangements with an agent you already have in mind. Or use IIC to find and choose among real estate agents that are appropriate for the specifics of your residential or commercial real estate needs.

Location: Chicago, IL

Focus Area: Social Justice

Budget: $500k - $1 million

Want to help this charity with your next real estate transaction?

We respect your privacy and want to make sure you are totally at ease. By submitting, you are sharing your information with us only and we will not share it with or sell it to anyone else. We will contact you by email to get more information about your real estate needs. Then we will provide you with several agents suited to your needs and you may contact them -or not- as you choose. There’s no sales pitch or pressure. It's entirely your choice.


As a tax exempt 501(c)3 organization, Injustice Watch is eligible to receive at least 70% of the referral fee when you use Investing In Communities (IIC) to sign up with ANY real estate broker to handle your residential or commercial property transaction. Referral fees are a common expense paid by brokers only to other brokers for much desired referrals. As a licensed broker with a charitable mission, IIC is able to accept referral fees and pass most of those funds to your charity of choice - at no cost to you.
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