Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights

The Young Center For Immigrant Children’s Rights is an advocacy organization whose mission is to protect the rights and best interests of unaccompanied immigrant children. Because of the global politicization of immigration, and despite human rights laws and policies to the contrary, immigrant children are now among the most imperiled and vulnerable groups in need of assistance both here in America and around the world. The Young Center’s program is currently the only one in the nation that provides Independent Child Advocates to ensure that all decisions made regarding children seeking to immigrate to the United States reflect their best interests and contribute to their safety and well-being.

The Young Center works with volunteers, child advocates, attorneys, and social workers to:

  • Advance enlightened decision making  at the local and federal level
  • Provide access to lawyers who will address inequities in policy and procedures
  • Ensure that immigrant children receive the rights to which they are entitled by law
  • Where possible and when applicable, give individual children a voice in their disposition
  • Implement a system of universally agreed upon child immigration policies and best practices

The Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights is one of the many worthwhile charities that Investing In Communities  supports to make the world a better place..

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Focus Area: Social Justice, Women and Families

Budget: $250k - $500k

Most Recent:

Total IIC Funding:

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