The Next Birthday Party or Social Gathering for your Kids

Begin to show your children at a young age what it means to give.  Organizations like Heifer International allow you to help combat hunger with birthday donations rather than that stack of unused gifts.  

Crafting for Charity?

Do you Crochet?  Are you a woodworker?  Do you make your own jewelry?  Are you a photographer with stunning pictures?    If you are a crafter, you probably have extras and would love creating some more.  

Favecrafts offers a number of great ideas where you can put those crafting skills to work!  

Free Funding from Your next Home Sale/Purchase (at no cost to you)

Did you know that with your next home sale or purchase, or office lease you can direct  a percentage of the commission to any charity anywhere in the country? Investing In Communities®, a nonprofit social enterprise, lets you do just that, at no cost to you.  Whether you’re the buyer or seller of a $300,000 home, $1,300 could go to your favorite charity.   Here is how Investing In Communities works

Help local Animals in Need

Many animals are in need of homes  in the city of Chicago. Organizations like PAWS, Treehouse Humane Society, or Chicago Canine Rescue also need volunteers to help walk, feed, train and play with the animals.  Some organizations, like Red Door Shelter, help other animals besides cats and dogs, like guinea pigs, birds, bunnies, and more! Many of these organizations also have special events setup to help animals in need.

Give Away Your Frequent Flyer Miles

Do you have so many frequent flyer miles that they are just lying around?  Almost all major Airlines offer ways that you can donate those unused miles to a number of charities.  These are just some of the airlines where you can donate unused frequent flyer miles:

(312) 955-4900