How is it possible for IIC to enable me to support a charity of my choice at no cost to me? (hint: It’s not because we magically find charitable brokers!)

It’s not magic. It’s IIC’s social mission plus ever-present marketplace forces that make it all possible.

IIC’s model can work because of factors that appear to be structural to the residential and commercial real estate brokerage industries across the country. These factors include fierce competition among licensees, local market knowledge, specialization usually in a single category of real estate, and state-by-state licensure, coupled with regulatory constraints that govern the business conduct of licensees, with regard to how they can and can not pay referral fees.

Leveraging all of that, IIC’s charitable mission enables home buyers & sellers and companies leasing, buying, or selling commercial property to support a charity of their choice, at no personal or company expense, using virtually any broker, including one they already know!


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