How can IIC enable me to support a charity of my choice at no cost to me? (hint: It’s because of our nonprofit mission, not because we magically find charitable brokers!)

First, Register your transaction using our webform. Here’s that link That simply means telling us the main details of your desired residential or commercial real estate transaction. For example, if you want to sell, how many bedrooms & bathrooms does your home have and in what neighborhood is it located? You can even tell us your language preference or that you want to choose from brokers who are a single parent! We will endeavor to identify brokers based first on matching their professional skills to the specifics of your transaction and second on matching them to your personal preferences.

Second, we find up to three brokers that speak your preferred language, with experience selling homes of your size in your neighborhood. And we enter into a typical referral fee agreement with their respective brokerage companies.

IIC works the same way for home buyers and sellers and for companies leasing, buying, or selling commercial property.

Third, you choose which of those brokers you want to work with.  

And, we can make the same arrangements with brokers you already know.

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