How did IIC get started?

Our founders, Michael Pink and Sharon Porter, conceived IIC in 1995 out of a personal commitment to aid their real estate clients in providing added financial support to the communities and causes that their clients most cared about, but not at their clients’ expense. Michael and Sharon accomplished this by developing a program of sharing a part of the commissions that they had received on their clients’ real estate transactions with charities of their clients’ choosing. That program was carefully structured to be in full compliance with the licensing regulations that govern the business activities of real estate brokers in Illinois. In 2010 they launched IIC as a nonprofit corporation, separate from MAP Real Estate, their commercial real estate brokerage business. Through June 2018 Michael and Sharon have arranged for clients of MAP Real Estate to provide over $520,000 in funding through IIC to a wide variety of charities – all at their expense and at no cost to their clients.  See their personal stories at About Us.

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